Celebrating New Year

Welcoming 2013 wouldn’t be happier without witnessing the famous “Ball Drop” in New York City’s Times Square, London, England’s fireworks around the London Eye, Rio de Janeiro’s magnificent fireworks exploding above Copacabana beach, Sydney’s colorful fireworks in Harbour Bridge, Taiwan’s amazing fireworks from Taiwan’s tallest skyscraper, etc. No matter how you celebrate your New Year I assumed that you had a great one.

Fireworks and making a lot of noises is just a part of celebrating New Year. But the real essence why we celebrate it is to look back what happened in the previous year. It is very important to remember what went wrong, what went right, what seems to be the best and what seems to be the least. Our experiences in previous year are our guide to face the New Year. This guide could be learning from your mistakes. I believe that committing mistake once is acceptable but committing mistake twice is not good at all. It is your choice already to do that mistake. That is why it is essential to not forgetting what happened in the previous year. I am not saying to remain stuck in the past, we just need to get the lessons we learned from it. Another thing why we celebrate New Year is to thank God for all the blessings we received in the previous year. We should thank him for the success in our business, careers, for having a good family and real friends. All these wouldn’t be possible without his guidance. By welcoming New Year, let us not forget to celebrate by thanking our creator.

Before ending this article I just want to say have a prosperous and productive 2013. Always think what is best for everyone. If you will fail in your chosen career this 2013 then never surrender just always think Eleanor Roosevelt’s “with the new day comes new strength and new thoughts”. And to all critics please say all your criticisms as you are praising the person. I think this is an important way to improve their skills. To all bosses please be good to your employees, they are your most valuable resource before profit. To all justices please be fair to your judgment. Don’t let influential people influence your crucial decision. To all police and military thank you very much for maintaining peace in our country and we hope you will remain honest and trustworthy. To private individuals please be good, follow laws and rules, participate and coordinate to government’s programs. And to you, thank you very much for dropping by and reading this article. Again, have a productive and prosperous New Year. Long live 2013!

My sermon and my Revelation

No manners and followers of Satan. This is the sermon of my uncle when I opened-up the topic about third-sex. They are the gays, bisexuals, transgender and lesbians. I don’t know why my uncle can said that and I also don’t know why most people hate them.

I was fourth-year in high school and it is our recollection day when I revealed my secret. My father, mother, siblings, relatives and my close friends didn’t know it. The first person knows my secret is a priest, a catholic priest. I confessed to him that I’m a gay and I also asked if being gay is a sin. He answered, “No. We are all the sons of God and he really loved us. In his eyes, we are all equal. No one is ahead. No one is behind. The only thing that is a sinful to him is to violate his rules”.

This is the sermon of the priest during my confession. Frankly, I was guided by his statement about my revelation.  Because of this I completely came out of the closet. I told everyone that I am gay. Some of my friends rejected me and some of them accepted me for who I am. But my family finds it really hard to accept me. I have been pushed away in the house once I called home. It is very hurtful. My own family rejected me!

We are very creative and innovative. We entertain. We make you laugh. Besides, we are the life of the party. But in spite of this everything, why people cant morally accept us? Why do they hate us? Is it for the reason that being a gay is a sin? If so, then are they sure for themselves that they are free from sin? I don’t think so. I don’t know what lies ahead for me in this world. But I know that I’m gay and I’m proud of it. Thank you to the priest that gave sermon that helps me to accept of who I am. And to my Mom and Dad I just wanted you to know that I do not have any hurtful feelings anymore for not accepting me. I understand that and I am just hoping one day that you will accept and forgive me for my chosen sexual orientation and forget hurtful feelings rooted in the past. I love you and take care. This is my sermon and my revelation.

5 Things to remember while using Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are Internet-based services where we can interact to our families, friends, strangers and meddlesome individuals. The services they provide includes sharing photos, messaging, marketing, etc. Facebook.com , the famous social networking site, just reached 1 billion active users worldwide on September 14, 2012. On the other hand, Twitter.com has 500 million users worldwide as of April 2012. We cannot really deny it that Social Networking sites is now part of our daily life. While we enjoy using their services, let us not forget that using these sites can be a cause of danger to our private life. To avoid problems, I listed the top 5 things to remember while using Social Networking Sites. I hope this will help.

1. Make your profile settings highly private.

Your profile includes everything; Name, Age, School, Family, Employer, etc. If you want to retain your privacy, make sure to set your profile from public to private. This is the only way to avoid having meddlesome individuals to view your profile without your authorization or permission.

2. Change your password every 3 months.

Sounds perturbing right? But changing your password every 3 months is the most advisable way to protect your account. Do not use your initials, birth-date, schools or any basic information in creating new password because these basic information can be a hint to people who want access in your account. Also never reuse your old passwords and create different password if you have more than one account or website.

3. Only click links from trusted sources.

We cannot avoid that people will send you a links via personal message to promote services, gain more site viewers, etc. But be very careful because there are people that will send you a links and after clicking that links you will be told to copy a certain code in your browser which will automatically send information to the hackers about your account. So only click links from people you trust most. Also use anti-virus or firewall to protect your computer if the links contain viruses.

4. Never share your Username and Password.

Make sure that you are the only person in the world who knows your username and password. Never share it to anyone even to your family or boyfriend/girlfriend.

5. Don’t share all your personal information.

Facebook is an internet-based service as well as the other social networking sites. If you share your personal information people around the world will know it. This will make you vulnerable and other people might use it to attack you, to threat you or let just say they can take it against you. They can also use your information to create false identity for their fraud and illegal activity.

*Your views are very welcome. You can drop a comment for more tips that you want to add in this article.

Queuing for acceptance


Justin: Dad, I have something to say. I don’t know if you can accept it or feel angry or embarrassed about it. I cannot keep it anymore. Dad, I am gay. I am sorry.

If you were the parents of this guy confessing about his real sexual orientation, would you accept that he is gay? Or felt ashamed about it? Are you still going to recognize him as your son and part of the family? For most parents especially the “father” find it really hard to accept it. There were some came to the point that they hurt their son for confessing being gay, because for “fathers” having a gay son is very shameful to the family.

Very sad that this is really happening in reality and the worst is the whole society itself finds it hard to embrace and accept gays as a normal person like us. We discriminate, bully and the worst termination of job to the company where they work. Gays are very talented. They entertain us, they make us laugh in comedy bar, they are good designers, they are very good actors and to sum it up, they are gifted. But after all these talents they possessed why it is hard for us to fully accept them in the society?

They have been accused for many reasons like they caused bad luck, they are the horniest people, they do not have good manners, they are bad influence to our young child, they are followers of Satan, etc. In saying this, we haven’t realized that they too got hurt. Remember they are still human, they can feel pain. But still we cannot see it in their faces. They still face the crowd with confidence with the line “I am who I am”.

What gays really wanted is acceptance, equality and respect. Why is it really hard for us to give it to them? Are they the problem to us or we are the problem to them? We should always remember that the Earth can’t be a World without them.

Meanwhile, after all the physical pain Justin experienced and after his confession many years ago, his father finally realized that he is a gay and understand that it is by nature, there is no way to prevent it and gradually recognizing Justin for who he is.

Does beauty really matter?

Does beauty really matter in this world? Of course! If you want to join in the prestigious beauty competition Ms. Universe.

But does beauty really matter in this world? Of course not!

Many people across the world are dreaming to have beauty that will make them stand out from the crowd, that will make them famous, that will make them rich, that will make them powerful, and that will make them the talk of the town.

We think that beauty is a great deal.

We think that beauty is the solution of all problems we bear.

We think that beauty is next to stardom.

We think that beauty is ad infinitum but we never think of a simple thing called appreciation.

This might be the only attitude we don’t have, “to appreciate simple things”.

So, does beauty really matter in this world? Of course, of course not!


Have you ever met someone who could light up a room? Who could make others feel special just with their presence? Who would cook you chicken soup when you were sick, be the first one to wish you happy birthday, be the one who tucked you in at night? Have you ever met someone who let you lick the frosting from the spoon while making a cake, promise not to tell your dad when you got in trouble, sneak a meal to you, when you were grounded? Of course you have, they’re Moms.

Moms make a deal with God during pregnancy that if they can have a healthy child they will spend the rest of their lives putting themselves second to their children. They bring us home incapable of doing anything and teach us everything. How to tie our shoes; comb our hair; brush our teeth. They teach us invaluable lessons like: look both ways before crossing the street, don’t talk to strangers, be fair, be courteous, and mind your manners. Moms bring us the world in small doses.
Then life goes on, birthdays pass, parent-teacher meetings, first dates, broken hearts, first crushes, graduation, life. Till you have a family of your own and the cycle begins again. I’m writing today not just because it’s Mother’s Day (or at least it was when I wrote this) but because I don’t think very many of us realize what a sacrifice our mothers make when they make their pact with God (Always to be second; always to put our needs first).
Moms (not necessarily birth mothers; there is a difference) in some cases put their own hopes and dreams on a shelf to gather dust just so they can see us smile, laugh, cry. The great ones would give their life for us, many have. If you go to Washington, DC you’ll see a tomb for the Unknown Soldier and the Washington Monument, but where’s the monument to Moms? It’s a funny thing about Moms, most of the time they’re not even looking for any credit. They just want to stay involved, want to be a part, want to share a life with us. Moms just want to make us better. Better enough so that we can stand on our own two feet and make a difference in this world. Moms are the generals that prepare us for life. Let’s not forget it.
We all have our time in the sun but let’s never forget we are the sons and daughters of someone who made a choice the day we were born that we came first. Love your Mom. They won’t always be around. So when they’re gone and the phone doesn’t ring on your birthday and you don’t have someone to hug to tell you it’s going to be okay, you won’t have any regrets. Love your Mom.
– Just Share. This article really touches my heart. By Fred Cuellar the Diamond Guy® http://www.diamondcuttersintl.com/mom/
To my Mom, I know we are in war at this time but my love to you has never change. You will always be my best Mom in the world. I know we can settle our misunderstanding. This will just pass :) I LOVE YOU MORE THAN I LOVE MYSELF.